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Our Epoxy Flooring Melbourne Services

Garage Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

Garage Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is the perfect choice for any garage as it looks great, is durable and easy to clean! It will instantly make your garage look nice and add value to your home!

Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

Commercial Epoxy Floors

We are experts at commercial epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring is low-maintenance and perfect for high-traffic areas such as showrooms, offices, hospitality venues and more.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

Warehouse Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for warehouse’s flooring across Melbourne due to its durable and non-slip properties. Epoxy is available in a variety of finishes to suit your budget and business.

Some Of Our Recent Epoxy Floors Across Melbourne

Our Epoxy Flooring Services in Melbourne

Garage Epoxy Floors

Our team has years of experience in installing garage epoxy floors across Melbourne. Whether you have a single or double-car garage, we can create a smooth, durable surface that’s easy to clean and maintain. 

Epoxy flooring is a terrific option whether you use your garage to park your car, work on DIY projects, or both. And with our professional application, you’ll get consistent results that are long-lasting and withstand wear and tear. 

No more chipping due to heavy loads and scrubbing tyre treads. And if you accidentally drop engine oil or other chemicals that could typically ruin the appearance of your typical garage floor, you can simply wipe the surface clean when you have an epoxy floor.   

Garage Epoxy Flooring Melbourne
Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

Commercial Epoxy Floors

For years, we’ve installed durable epoxy floors in commercial properties across Melbourne. From restaurants and retail stores to office blocks and showrooms, we’ve completed projects in varying types and scale. Our consistent results and high-quality finish have helped property owners and managers make great impressions on guests, visitors, and clients.  

Thanks to their impressive durability, our epoxy floors don’t wear easily from high foot traffic and heavy loads. And because you can choose from different customisation options to get a unique finish and colour, it’s easy to reflect your branding in your epoxy flooring. 

Not to mention, we can create slip-resistant finishes to reduce the risk of slips and falls, while the non-porous surface allows easier cleaning and resistance to chemical stains. 

Warehouse Epoxy Floors

Our team is equipped with specialised tools and expert techniques for  warehouse and industrial epoxy flooring applications. Years of experience in the industry allow us to provide consistent results to all types of industrial locations, like production facilities and warehouses. 

Using high-quality materials and industry best practices, we provide impeccable results that meet workplace safety guidelines. Our industrial and warehouse epoxy floors are resistant to pests, fires, and moisture. They can also withstand heavy loads, so you can easily move pallet jacks and trucks without worrying about damaging the floor. 

We’ve also developed a highly efficient installation process that decreases downtime while delivering great results. Once we’re done, we provide detailed instructions on how to maintain your epoxy floor for long-term performance. 

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

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Our Professional Epoxy Flooring Process


Surface Preparation

After the initial assessment, the first step for any job is to prepare the surface, which means checking the area for peeling, bubbling, or uneven floors. We thoroughly clean the floor to get rid of any debris, dirt, or oil. Any other sealants or coating must be removed as well, while chips and cracks should be repaired before moving forward. 

Diamond Grinding

For effective epoxy flooring installation, we make sure that the surface is open and porous, which allows proper adhesion. That’s why we use advanced diamond grinding tools to grind the current concrete surface. This removes a thin layer of concrete and makes a textured surface that improves the epoxy’s bond with the floor. This step is also helpful for removing any extra paint or coatings that we may have missed during the first cleaning. 



Moisture Testing and Mitigation

Moisture in the concrete can lead to issues in your epoxy coating. We conduct a specialised test to determine moisture levels in your concrete floor. If needed, we implement a mitigation system to avoid problems later on.

Primer Application

Now that the concrete is ready, we apply a high-quality primer, such as a moisture vapour barrier primer. This helps create a uniform surface that adheres to the epoxy coating, ensuring better adhesion and a smooth finish. 



Epoxy Mixing and Application

Our team mixes the epoxy resin and hardener based on a specific ratio provided by the manufacturer. Then, we begin applying the epoxy coating, and depending on your preferred design, you may need more coats. Our team uses expert tools and techniques to ensure consistent application throughout the floor. 

Decorative Touches

If the project calls for it, we apply decorative touches to provide a distinct look. We offer a range of customisation options like adding coloured chips or flakes. These can be embedded into the epoxy during application to provide a distinct and visually appealing design. 




When the last coat of epoxy dries, we add a coat of clear sealant on top, also known as a top-coat. It acts as a protective layer that safeguards your epoxy flooring from wear and tear, moisture, and other spills. 


Finally, we leave the floor to cure. Proper curing is important for the longevity and performance of your epoxy floor. We’ll provide specific instructions on how long to wait before allowing foot traffic and moving furniture, allowing the epoxy to fully harden. After we’ve done final inspections and our client is satisfied, we also give aftercare instructions to improve the longevity of your epoxy floor. 


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The Benefits Of Choosing Epoxy Flooring For Your Melbourne Property

It's Hard Wearing and Durable

An epoxy floor coating is both hard-wearing and durable. That’s a huge benefit when you have a high-traffic area or certain areas that suffer from wear and tear like garages and entrance/exit lobbies. 

Variety Of Finishes Available

With a range of colours to choose from, your epoxy floor can be far more decorative than most people realise. Decorative finishes can easily be created especially for residential homes, coordinating in with your interior designs and colour schemes.

Non-Slip Floor Covering

Instead of carrying out some concrete resurfacing in the hope of getting more grip, epoxy floors provide a non-slip surface that works. Epoxy flooring is dependable when it comes to safety, and that gives you peace of mind for years to come. 

Super Hard Wearing & Spillage Resistant

Aside from durability, our epoxy floor coatings are also resistant to impact and spills. This can be a huge deal with a garage or industrial setting where a lot of drops and spills can happen, and they do so on a regular basis.

Easy To Clean

Epoxy flooring is a breeze to maintain and clean. Most floors will leave some residue, leading to resurfacing being required regularly. Not with epoxy flooring. The smooth surface also resists dirt and dust and you won’t have to worry about the dirt people or vehicles tyres track in entrance or garage areas.  

Epoxy Applies Directly Over Concrete

That old concrete surface may have served its purpose, but concrete floors are hardly non-slip. Epoxy coatings can be applied on top of a concrete floor, and in an instant, it will transform the entire space.

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Why Choose Us For Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

Quality Workmanship

As licensed professionals, we apply industry best practices and use high-quality materials to deliver impeccable workmanship. We also practise reliable project management so that you’re updated regarding our progress and we get your input at each stage. 

Efficient Services

When our team is tasked with a project, we use a combination of expert skills, specialised equipment, and years of experience to deliver solutions. It’s how we manage to provide clients with quality results while minimising downtime. 

Qualified Professionals

Our company is licensed and insured to provide epoxy flooring solutions in Melbourne. We’re also well-versed in regulatory requirements and follow local safety codes while we’re on the job. 

Custom Options

As experienced professionals, we understand that no two projects are completely alike. Every client has unique stylistic preferences and each property requires a different approach. That’s why we come up with custom solutions for our projects. 

Local Experts

We’ve been serving the Melbourne area, providing residential and commercial clients with reliable services. Thanks to our extensive experience, we’re prepared to handle jobs of all scales and sizes. 

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Garage Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

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