Best Floor for Your Commercial or Industrial Space in Melbourne

As a business owner who is looking to install a commercial epoxy floor Melbourne for your business space, you might be asking why this type of flooring is widely used or what things you need to consider before getting one. Continue reading below, and you will get the answers to these questions.

In any industrial or commercial space, flooring plays an important aspect not only aesthetically but also for its functional purpose. With flooring, it comes with diverse options that can meet a specific need for the particular business area, whether to attenuate the noise, outline the work area, prevent slippage or electrostatic grounding, or even to embed your logo or branding.

When choosing a floor covering, you may not be aware of all the different types and styles available in the market today. Before making your decision, it’s important to take stock of how your business space will ultimately function, in order for the contractor to provide an appropriate solution tailored just right for business needs.

There are a number of points to consider when choosing a floor covering, as follows:

After you’ve done careful consideration to the above points, comes next the budgeting. When it comes to flooring, the initial cost should not be the deciding factor. What you should consider is what will happen in future if this was something cheaper and less durable than high-quality products. High-quality floors may be expensive now, but could be a worthwhile investment later on down the line. The first thing most companies do after starting up their businesses (or updating them) is installing some good quality flooring for stability reasons and making sure it lasts long enough to avoid any issues disrupting your workflow and productivity.

These are the two best flooring options available in the market today:

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a durable material that can be used for any setting. It has excellent tensile strength and adhesion, meaning it will stick well to base layers like old concrete, while also providing an aesthetic appeal with its synthetic rubber-like appearance in some cases. This makes commercial epoxy floor Melbourne a perfect candidate when you want both practicality as well aesthetically pleasing results.

Epoxy systems are made up primarily by two parts: resin which creates the desired surface pattern on top of itself through chemical reaction, and hardeners that form bonds between these molecules, producing durable plastic-like characteristics.

For industrial and commercial spaces, like warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, commercial garages, commercial kitchens, automotive showrooms etc., the ideal flooring option is commercial epoxy floor Melbourne. It is normally the go-to coating for garage floors, as it takes a short time to cure and dry when applied, and also prevents concrete dusting.

There are several types of epoxy flooring, but they all have one thing in common – resistance. You can’t go wrong with a durable flooring material like epoxy. It is resistant to chemicals, which means it will keep your workplace safe from slip hazards. Epoxy also has resistance to abrasion damage caused by tools or foot traffic for long periods, without needing maintenance too often. And it is also resistant to non-material elements such as heat and electrostatic discharge. These make epoxy the most versatile and practical flooring material in the market. There is a suitable commercial epoxy floor Melbourne for any type of flooring.

Polyurethane Cement

Polyurethane cement is a durable and long-lasting floor covering which can be used in both commercial and industrial settings. It has excellent heat resistance, making it the perfect material for high traffic areas with hot equipment on them, such as ovens and kilns. Polyurethane cement is also self-levelling, so there’s no need to worry about pesky bubbles. There’s no mixing needed, just spread it out using a trowel directly onto a clean surface, and you’ll get a smooth and great looking finish when it’s all cured.

With its resistance to most chemicals and potential slippage, polyurethane cement flooring is the right choice for high traffic spaces and areas where safety is of high priority. This kind of flooring is often used in warehouses, chemical plants, storage facilities, and food processing plants.

Commercial Epoxy Floors

Other Flooring Requirements

Flooring is not all you need to complete the surface beneath your feet. There are a few other requirements that are considered mandatory or recommendations to comply with your local safety codes and regulations.

You need services like line marking and line removal systems for your flooring. Line marking and removal are used to mark or define workspaces, direct traffic flow, and ensure safety in the workplace. You normally see these being used in parking areas, warehouses, and more.

Temporary Flooring Solutions

If you’re not ready to make the investment into a new floor yet, there are some quick and temporary options that you can check. Sealing up the floor or giving it some deep cleaning may provide temporary relief for your problems with floors, while you take the time to complete the necessary funding. Bear in mind though that these are short-term solutions and come at their own price, both financially and aesthetically (concrete doesn’t exactly look great after being sealed).

Flooring Contractor

With so many things to consider for flooring alone, it is best to hire a flooring contractor rather early on, so they’re involved from the beginning and be able to provide the right solutions to your needs, while complying with all necessary local safety regulations in place.

If you’re still undecided what type of floor coating is suitable for your business space, why not come and chat with us regarding your concerns or inquiries? We’ll answer them all and recommend the best course of action, so you can have an informed decision before spending your money. Not only do we have a team of experienced professionals in this field, we also only use high-quality materials and the most advanced technology available today to make sure we realise the flooring that you’ve always imagined having, or even better!

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