Common Myths About Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

Epoxy flooring is often misunderstood, resulting in a number of myths. People are compelled to compromise on quality because of these misconceptions. They choose to stay in their familiar environments because they don’t know enough about epoxy flooring Melbourne and all of its benefits. While there’s nothing wrong with doing what’s familiar to you, sometimes it’s beneficial to venture out a little.

The article will take a rather close look at what epoxy flooring is all about. How much of the myths we’ve heard and read about epoxy is factual? Find out below to know more.

Coloured Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

It's slippery

When epoxy flooring is mentioned, being slippery is generally one of the first impressions most people get. The glossy surface of epoxy makes it seem to be so. Despite this, epoxy is not slippery at all. You can even have additional anti-slip elements added to make it even more resistant to slipping. Or you can get additional user safety achieved by installing raised bumps on the floor surface.

It’s not only that epoxy is a popular choice for industrial buildings, hospitals, and other places where slippery floors are a no-no; it’s also perfect in fostering a safe working environment.

It's expensive

“I can’t afford it.” That’s what the vast majority of people believe, at least, when it comes to epoxy flooring Melbourne. But then, they also say it with everything that has been professionally installed.

An appropriate term to describe epoxy flooring is “cost-effective.” Because they are long-lasting, they are an excellent value for such an investment with little to no upkeep at all. In the long run, you save on repair and maintenance costs with this flooring option.

It doesn't seem that difficult to do. I can do it myself

A do-it-yourself epoxy flooring kit at a home improvement shop may have piqued your interest and made you think you can do it yourself. Well, you can, of course! However, do you really want to risk it?

To begin with, these DIY kits are typically inferior in quality to those utilised by most flooring professionals who employ professional-grade supplies. In addition, some tools (that are not included in the kit) may be necessary for a better outcome. Secondly, it isn’t as simple as it seems to be. It takes years and years of steady practice and training to become an expert. That’s why they seem to have an easy time of it. They possess the proper tools and know-how to use them and know the procedures to ensure that an epoxy flooring Melbourne is installed perfectly. The outcome is a long-lasting floor that has been applied correctly.

If you do it yourself, you take the risk of getting a faulty floor that will need regular repair or replacement in the near future.

It needs repair all the time

Epoxy flooring can last for several years with proper care, thanks to its proven durability. It doesn’t need to be recoated or repaired all the time. When compared with other flooring materials, epoxy is one of those with longer lifespans. It can tolerate impact from busy foot and vehicle activities. And it’s made tough enough to withstand the abuse of heavy machinery and equipment as well.

Once applied, epoxy material hardens and does not need to be repaired for quite some time.

It's tedious to maintain

Because epoxy flooring Melbourne doesn’t scratch or stain, it’s also easy to keep clean. All that’s needed is a little soap and a bucket of water; there is no need to use strong chemicals to get the job done. So, please sit back and admire your spotless epoxy floor; it doesn’t demand much of your time to keep it that way.

It's the same as paint

The two applications seem closely similar, yet they are somewhat distinct. Although paint can be used as a protective covering, epoxy provides superior results and advantages. Once it’s been applied, epoxy forms an unbreakable barrier. In contrast to paint, epoxy resin is impervious to moisture.

It's for concrete floors only

It is certainly okay to apply epoxy over an old floor. Of course, you can apply it on new floors as well. However, you must first ensure that your old floor is sturdy enough to support the coating. It is necessary to do preliminary steps such as cleaning and roughening the old surface to get the best results.

If you’re thinking about having your floor resurfaced, it’s best to speak with a reputable flooring professional first.

It's dull and boring

This myth couldn’t be much farther from the truth. Epoxy can completely change a boring slab of concrete into something gorgeous! While it is known for its functional benefits, epoxy is also visually appealing. With various colour choices to pick from, this product is incredibly customisable. It’s an opportunity for you to choose from a wide variety of pre-made patterns or create your own.

Design is one thing; epoxy can also boost your floor’s brightness by three-folds, which only raises the resale value and kerb appeal of your home.

Talk to Professionals

In terms of flooring, epoxy is unquestionably one of the best options. As a result of the above misconceptions, several homeowners and business owners are reluctant to experiment with different floor materials.

Everything that’s been said, even false ones, is taken at face value by the general public. It seems that other people’s views count for a product or service’s integrity. We must, however, maintain our minds open to the truth, or we’ll join the ranks of people who believe blindly in myths. That’s why it’s important to talk to the right professionals for more factual information regarding anything.

For all facts and benefits of epoxy flooring Melbourne, we will be happy to provide the information that will enlighten you. Contact us or visit our office in Melbourne now for a free estimate and inspection, or even just a consultation on your flooring needs.

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